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Montréal, QC

Luxury hand stitched leather accessories.  Influenced by haut couture.  Inspired by streetwear.  Crafted in Montreal, Quebec Canada.



C'est Beau

C’est Beau is a family of Québec artisans and designers who believe that to make things well, you must put your heart in it. Unique, quality everyday products you will keep forever.


Raphaël Ricard / CEO
It’s in Saint-Gabriel de Brandon, in Lanaudière, between his grandfather Yvon’s door and chassis workshop and his grandfather Raynald’s bakery, that the wood’s smell and the respect for handwork become a part of his identity. After working in a wood workshop, then studying in advertising and philosophy, he decided to found C’est Beau.

Olivier Lamontagne / Associate
From St-Ambroise de Kildare to Montréal, from operating heavy machinery to studying fashion commercialization, Olivier is passionate about everything involving cultural, musical and fashion innovations. That is why he decided from the start to join forces with his friend Raphaël in the C’est Beau project.


Founded in 2012, C’est Beau then specialized in the transformation of old skateboards thrown in the garbage into new cruisers.

Rapidly distributed in 8 shops, Raphaël’s boards make him realize two things: first, the interest of people for local products made by hand in the respect of the environment, and second, how the artisans like him have a hard time competing with international competitors.

For aesthetics, quality and equality reasons, one solution stands out : to create a showcase to display the talent of Québec artisans.

C’est Beau | Handwork was born.


Eighty-five years ago, Harper's opened its doors with a relentless commitment to providing our customers with the best of the best. Today, in our third generation, we are regarded as one of the area's great clothing stores. Part of our commitment includes a policy of providing extraordinary customer service from Jonathan, Brian, Anna (our amazing tailor!), Nathan and Judd. FREE custom alterations by our European tailors and fashion coordinators are part of our rich tradition. We are also committed to searching for high-quality products — products that last. We believe in treating our customers as friends, that's not typical, but neither is Harpers. 

In this age of mall culture and mass merchandising, every store starts to look the same. At Harper's, instead of mass merchandise, we offer exclusive and quality merchandise. Every single item and designer line is hand-selected by a team of buyers who search the markets worldwide looking for products that deliver Quality, Style and Value. In addition, we are continuously adding American-made products to our product offerings.

Joe Cohen and The Blanket Award

Joe Cohen, who opened Young Men's Shop in 1926, which is now Harper's, had a tremendous influence on local sports as a leading spirit in behalf of the activities of young people. His name has been associated with high school activities with his alma mater — Altoona High School and Bishop Guilfoyle High School with what we think is the oldest continuing high school athletic award in the country. The Blanket Award is presented to the most valuable senior football player in each high school and this year marks the 80th year for this unique award.

Bishop Guilfoyle High School honors Joe Cohen and the Blanket Award

Craft & Caro

Striving to be the finest purveyor of gentlemen's essentials on the internet, we present a collection of goods from trusted brands in support of quality and craftsmanship in daily life.

a truly high quality product can last a lifetime, meaning you may only have to buy one, ever. and if you’re going to keep something around for the rest of your life, it might as well be beautiful.

we believe in simplicity, aesthetic, functionality, and quality. it's how we select our products, develop our website, and run our company.
Craft & Caro is an online store for men and those who love them. learn more on our blog,emmh.

Artgang montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

72 Rachel Est. 

Nestled between an independent architectural firm and the streets, ARTGANG is one of Montreals' premiere brands and boutiques for street culture and art enthusiasts. Run by Louis and Alex, their graffiti experience and passion for the arts fuels this subversive 5-year project that has become a mainstay in Montreal music and arts Culture.  is an online retailer of some of top sportswear/streetwear brands.

We are based in Montreal. Please contact us for information.

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Montreal, QC




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