The Reunion - Horween Ink Cavaliere

The Reunion - Horween Ink Cavaliere


When we designed the Reunion piece, our goal was to make the sleekest portfolio that we had ever seen.  It perfectly fits a 17" Macbook in it's main pocket, to give you an idea of its size.  There is also a slim front pocket, as well as a practical backside.  The straps can be adjusted so that you can slide a magazine or newspaper in for easy access.

There are two solid matte black brass studs to fasten the straps.  The backs of the studs have a layer of leather stitched overtop of them to prevent any scratching on your machine.

The Reunion is called this for two reasons.  Reunion is the French word for a "meeting", while in English it is the term for when people come back together again.

This is the Reunion

The whole thing is 100% hand crafted and hand stitched.

As with all of our products, the Reunion comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Dimensions: 36 x 25 x 4cm


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