It's nice to have options - in terms of shipping, we have three:

  1. Standard - 3 to 15 business days
  2. Faster - 1 to 10 business days
  3. Fastest - 1 to 8 business days

It's impossible for us to blanket what this will mean to everyone, as we will ship to literally hundreds of countries across the globe.  To give you an idea, we will be shipping from Montreal, Canada.  Depending on your distance from there, you can probably gauge where your order would fall in the spectrums above.

With that being said, we're more than happy to calculate an ETA for you depending on what product(s) you are looking at, and where you live - just send us a quick email to the address in the footer, or here.

Also, please bear in mind, that once we have completed your order and shipped it out, we are at the mercy of the courier.  We are not to be held responsible for these situations once the responsibility of delivery has been handed off to our courier.