During the process of bringing full justice to our pieces, we have spared no expense in making sure that not only will they appreciate with time, but that the strength functionality will not be compromised either.  This is why we have decided to implement a technique which has been utilized for over 100 years and originated from stitching horse saddles.  

In combination with this and the breathtaking quality of our full grain leather, we can confidently offer a lifetime guarantee on the stitching of our products.  If your threads break or snap from normal wear and tear, you can return them to us to be repaired free of cost.

In this event, simply send us a quick email with some photos and a description of what has happened so we can determine the easiest way to proceed from there.

We want to create heirloom pieces at Lajoie.  Too many times have we heard of "my grandpa's messenger bag" which is still in great shape, but needs a bit of re-stitching done.  If this ever happens with your Lajoie product, you won't have to stress about where you can have it repaired.  That's what family is for!