The Vacation (W) - Horween Color #8

The Vacation (W) - Horween Color #8


The feeling that this will never end.  Living in the moment not worried about tomorrow.  What goes around comes around.

This very finely crafted watch strap carries no watch face on it but is sure to still catch glances.  Not only a beautiful accessory, this piece acts as a reminder to do your best and focus on whatever it is you're doing right now.  Don't worry about the future - it will all come together.

It is completely hand-stitched from Horween Dublin Color #8 leather.  The thread is Fil Au Chinois waxed linen thread.  As with all of our products, it comes with a life guarantee on the stitching, so if anything ever happens to the thread at any point in the future, we have your back.

This is the Vacation



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