The Nomad - Horween Green Cavaliere

The Nomad - Horween Green Cavaliere


The feeling of freedom.  Waking up in a far away place where nobody knows anything about you.  Create your own world and never go back.

As soon as you open up this full-loaded travel wallet, eight interior pockets stretch out to you like a rising sun.  Each of these can fit two or three cards if need be and since both sides are open underneath, you can slide in up to two passports, cash, change, receipts, or whatever you like.

It is completely hand-stitched from Horween Green Ink Cavaliere leather.  The thread is Fil Au Chinois waxed linen thread.  As with all of our products, it comes with a life guarantee on the stitching, so if anything ever happens to the thread at any point in the future, we have your back.

This is the Nomad.



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