The Decoy - Horween Green Cavaliere

The Decoy - Horween Green Cavaliere


The feeling of surprise and curiosity.  Things can change right in front of your eyes and aren’t always what they seem.

This simple cardholder design is much more complicated than meets the eye.  Two card pockets sit one on top of the other - covered by a band which creates the illusion that one card is transforming into the other right in front of your eyes.  the piece is also reinforced with a strong 1mm thick material to make sure that it's rigid form stays intact to better protect your cards from bending and breaking.

It is completely hand-stitched from Horween Green Ink Cavaliere leather.  The thread is Fil Au Chinois waxed linen thread.  As with all of our products, it comes with a life guarantee on the stitching, so if anything ever happens to the thread at any point in the future, we have your back.

This is the Decoy.

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