Why Nobody Watched The Grammys


According to multiple sources, this years’ Grammy Awards event was not only the least watched in history, but it also ran a loss of millions of dollars. The question on my mind wasn’t « why? », but rather “how did they let this happen? “

For me, when I was a kid I understandably assumed that it is what they say they are - the highest honour that can possibly be awarded to a musical artist. But as the years went by, I started to see questionable decisions. I chalked them up as flukes, but eventually realized Santa isn’t real. Fellow musicians started sharing their outrage and some even gave away their trophies to more deserving artists.

This proves that the engine is healthy, but the driver is asleep at the wheel. The Grammys have continuously been awarding chart topping pop hits with crowns that should be made for those who are innovating and driving the sonic arts forward. Artists who can take a listener into their world, show them dreams and realities of everything from hardships to successes to fantasies. Someone who can captivate you and make you feel genuine emotion as they tie poetry to instruments in a way that sounds like they could never exist independently.   

These awards are expected to write history so that we can look back and reference the albums which defined and shook up the years, not those who put cliché lyrics up against enough pop beats to churn out five catchy singles.  

These kinds of titles need to be taken much more seriously when being awarded, but until that happens, nobody is going to do the same for them.