Challenges Do Not Equal Problems


Over the Christmas break, due to some extreme cold, my brother's flight back to Toronto was cancelled.  They stressed their utmost desperation and neccsity to be back at work the next morning.  After quite a bit of backlash, it was still decided in the end to do whatever we could to get them back in time for work - no matter what it took. 

Throughout the following next twelve hours, we saw the worst chain of travel-related events that I have ever endured. We drove 4hours to a halfway point to try and catch a train - which only ended up being cancelled. Buses had no availability either, and suddenly the most realistic option became the ridiculous idea to just drive the whole way.

We saw animals, heavy snow and fought fatigue, but look what happened... we made it. As understandable as it is to be really upset, it looks even more silly in the end.

When life throws a problem your way, you need to train yourself to take a deep breath, adapt quickly and find your solution(s). Not only will this relieve the stress immediately, but it re-trains the way you will approach every speed bump/ detour that may confront your life in the future - no matter the size.