I Want to be Successful Right Now

... and so does everyone!

We live in a time where the instant gratification and satisfaction of getting likes, followers, views, and shares is becoming an addiction.  Regular people will take a picture off Instagram and save it for later if they don't have more than a few likes within the first five minutes.  "Do it for the gram" is a real phrase! It's hard to disagree that this generation has transitioned to a world where we are so entrenched into this digital social environment, that it's nearly impossible to go more than a few hours without it.

This atmosphere mixed with the messages of modern hip hop (get money!) have made it "cool" to be an entrepreneur.  Logically, what happens next is that a lot of the highest level entrepreneurs in the world have become social media rockstars, and those who are online  consuming everything will naturally want to be like them.

Now here's the paradox:  building a business takes years to do, if not a lifetime or even more.  But the social media consumers don't care - everyone has now grown accustomed to instant results and pats on the back immediately.  Running a business, and especially starting one is completely the opposite of this.  Results have to be worked for.  I don't mean 15mins to edit your pictures.  I mean grinding it out and struggling.  It's consistency, responsibility, discipline, and living life outside of your comfort zone all the time.  

So think about this for a while.  Remember the divide between the device you're reading this on and reality.  You are your own person and your life is way more important than anyone else's you're following online.  The punch line is that when you realize that and blaze your own trail people will naturally be drawn to follow you anyways!  And the cycle continues!