Frank Ocean Released his New Album "Endless" Last Night


I have to admit, I was a bit resistant when Channel Orange came out.  I was still in a big hip hop phase and wasn't very interested in other genres.  In my circle, there wasn't a lot of buzz about it anyways.

A while after, I was at home with a friend and she played Sweet Life belting out the chorus.  I told her to let the album play through and could not stop listening to it after that.  To some extent, I would even say that album inspired me to leave Canada and travel for the couple of years that I did.  It's an album that can still give me goosebumps and has certainly meant a lot to me.  The unconventional bass lines and melodies that take time to understand were so radical to me.  It sounded like the whole album was done in one take, but then mastered to perfection.

Now, after what at times seemed like years of waiting, we have a full body of work from Frank.  The new album, which was rumoured to be titled "Boys Don't Cry", has just been unvieled as a 45 minute long movie called "Endless".

People, this is a true artist who has always done his own thing and stayed true to his vision even when misunderstood or under the gun.

Put your headphones on this weekend and spend some time digesting this.