Our Big Fluffy World

Don’t you realize that your focus towards reaching your end goal is being distracted by other people doing the same?

Think about that for a second... what are you currently doing that is helping you accomplish your ideal version of life? What are you doing about it today, or even right now? 

Knowing what it is that is going to make your life feel fulfilled and complete is the first step. It’s different for everyone, and you won’t find it via Google or Instagram. Maybe it's as simple as having a family and providing for them as safely and securely as possible.  Perhaps you see the world as a big video game that you want to beat and unlock as many "bonus features" as possible.  Look inside yourself. Close your eyes and envision it as vividly as you possibly can.  

Think about why this is important and above all, think about how it would feel to be on your deathbed realizing you never did it and there’s no second chance.  The "why" is the most important part.  This is going to be the motivation that carries you past the honeymoon stage and motivates you to not give up when it gets extremely hard.

Once you know what this is, you can map out a realistic plan of how you'll get from where you are now, to where you want to be.  

And as we live our lives and navigate through our own journey, we are constantly intersecting with people doing the same thing.  A lot of this even produces byproducts like social media posts, shopping sales, streaming movies etc.  I know there's a time and place for everything, so do your best to filter through everything and identify what is going to help you and what is simply fluff.

Why Nobody Watched The Grammys

According to multiple sources, this years’ Grammy Awards event was not only the least watched in history, but it also ran a loss of millions of dollars. The question on my mind wasn’t « why? », but rather “how did they let this happen? “

For me, when I was a kid I understandably assumed that it is what they say they are - the highest honour that can possibly be awarded to a musical artist. But as the years went by, I started to see questionable decisions. I chalked them up as flukes, but eventually realized Santa isn’t real. Fellow musicians started sharing their outrage and some even gave away their trophies to more deserving artists.

This proves that the engine is healthy, but the driver is asleep at the wheel. The Grammys have continuously been awarding chart topping pop hits with crowns that should be made for those who are innovating and driving the sonic arts forward. Artists who can take a listener into their world, show them dreams and realities of everything from hardships to successes to fantasies. Someone who can captivate you and make you feel genuine emotion as they tie poetry to instruments in a way that sounds like they could never exist independently.   

These awards are expected to write history so that we can look back and reference the albums which defined and shook up the years, not those who put cliché lyrics up against enough pop beats to churn out five catchy singles.  

These kinds of titles need to be taken much more seriously when being awarded, but until that happens, nobody is going to do the same for them. 

Challenges Do Not Equal Problems

Over the Christmas break, due to some extreme cold, my brother's flight back to Toronto was cancelled.  They stressed their utmost desperation and neccsity to be back at work the next morning.  After quite a bit of backlash, it was still decided in the end to do whatever we could to get them back in time for work - no matter what it took. 

Throughout the following next twelve hours, we saw the worst chain of travel-related events that I have ever endured. We drove 4hours to a halfway point to try and catch a train - which only ended up being cancelled. Buses had no availability either, and suddenly the most realistic option became the ridiculous idea to just drive the whole way.

We saw animals, heavy snow and fought fatigue, but look what happened... we made it. As understandable as it is to be really upset, it looks even more silly in the end.

When life throws a problem your way, you need to train yourself to take a deep breath, adapt quickly and find your solution(s). Not only will this relieve the stress immediately, but it re-trains the way you will approach every speed bump/ detour that may confront your life in the future - no matter the size.

The Impending Bitcoin Correction

About four years ago now, a friend of mine in Australia was obsessed with bitcoin. I have to give him props for being way ahead of the game there. He would rant and rave about how cryptocurrency is the future. I lent him some money at one point and he ended up owing me $40. We were still very much backpacking at the time and money was tight, so he asked if it was alright to transfer me the funds to bitcoin. I had no idea how to use this money or what to do with it, but it was only $40 so I thought, "fuck it I’ll just see where this goes". Three years later it was down to about $28. Six months after that it went to $200. It kept going and I took it out at $400. If I held, that $40 would be have been worth $980 at its peak.

I’ve studied bubbles before, and I know that when it gets too good to be true, something bad is almost certainly about to happen.

My uneducated guess would say that 90% if the bitcoin owning population doesn’t actually understand what it is, what is causing the growth, or even the risks of it going south.

There is too much digital money accumulated at this point and if everyone cashed out, where does the money come from? It’s not backed at all! That, plus how long are countries going to allow people to gain 300k in a year tax-free, then withdraw it tax-free? The speculation has run rampant!

In my opinion, there was probably a good chance of bitcoin one day reaching 100k, but the hype may have spoiled that. When too many people start investing in things that they don't understand, that is when the market will slap everyone on the wrist and "correct" itself.

Even though it’s all digital, you’re still buying something. You’re investing into something. Stay conscious of that.

Modern Ettiquette

It blows my mind how in formal and professional environments, you find grown men and women who still act like children.  I was at a seminar the other day, where we all had to pay money for nonetheless, and while someone was at the front presenting what we all came to hear, all you could hear is the whispering tongues of two men at the back of the room.

It brought me back to when I was working in an office environment every day - very professional - full suit dress code, secretaries, the whole 9 yards.   It grew into a huge pet peeve of mine whenever somebody let their phone go off in a meeting, checked an email, or even started speaking to the person beside them.  Not even most children lose their attention so easily and even kids know better than to act so rudely in a setting like this.

In any setting where you have put your time aside to go somewhere and listen to somebody else who is trying to help you, the least you can do is mentally be present.  Pay attention, ask good questions that help the group learn, and behave.  I promise you that whatever question you have can be best answered by the speaker at the right time, the email will not kill you if you don't answer right away, you will not lose the respect of your peers, and you will undoubtably get the value that you were hoping for, tenfold.