Custom hand stitched leather accessories is not only the apex of exclusivity, but the convergence of two visions.  In the past year alone, we have done everything from gun straps and long wallets to clipboards and hijabs.

When a client approaches us about having a bespoke piece created, it starts right on the sketchpads.  We discuss what the item is intended to be used for, the sizes, the leather, the hardware, and even the colour of thread.

From there, we will narrow all of the possible designs down to one, which will culminate everything together and things start to get very exciting.  The idea is almost tangible - we can see it and imagine it brought to life.  We then break down the pattern and very carefully go through our lengthy, thorough process.

The final product is ideally delivered in person, but can also be shipped anywhere in the world.  There will be a personalized note signed by the maker, and the product will be marked with it's date of completion, creating a truly rare and unique work of art which can be used for generations upon generations.

If normal wear and tear ever causes any issues with the thread or hardware, you can bring, or ship it to us at no expense to you, so that we can repair it and keep the heirloom running.

If you would be interested in this one-of-a-kind experience, the best way to get the ball rolling is to send us an email here with as much or as little as you have in-mind right now.  After we are all happy with a final design, we will give you a price estimate and go from there!

We are here to help and guide your ideas from your mind into reality.