It's no secret that details are the key to any great piece of art, and being an artist is about using the best mediums and methods to bring ideas to life, to their fullest potential.  At Lajoie we believe that life itself can be looked at as a piece of art and by focusing on the details of your life, you will strive to reach your fullest potential.

For me, this really started back in high school.  I was blessed with an art teacher who helped me constantly look at different angles and perspectives on my ideas.  He gave me the resources and freedom to create whatever sculpture, painting, sketches, prints, etc. that would do my ideas justice.

After school I got into finance and thanks to some incredible mentorship, learned more than I did throughout my entire university education - tenfold.  I ran my own business at a young age and was taught all about making things happen for myself.  I was pushed to my limits and shown what is possible if you plan things out and follow through.

This may have set in a bit too strongly, because at my highest point of success, I decided to sell my business back to the company and move to Australia for a few years.  My mindset changed.  I was used to working 12-14 hour days in Canada, but in Aus at my regular jobs, it was only 7.5.  I felt like I needed something to do with this new spare time, so I partnered with a very good friend of mine who was running a leather goods company out of Toronto.  I was trying to sell his products overseas, as sort of an International Rep, but the distance caused a major logistics challenge, and I quickly realized that I was going to have to learn how to craft leather on my own.

I soon fell in love with this new medium for creating.  I began learning new techniques and the quality of what I was making was rapidly improving.  It was very refreshing to be back into this mindset, and I was looking at everything with new energy all of a sudden.  This never stopped.  I was back to painting, sketching, graphic design, and just learning new things every day.  

By November 2014, I was gaining more and more momentum with sales in Melbourne.  I didn't feel right, knowing that I only had 3 months left on my working visa.  I really didn't know what to do, until one day somebody simply said, "yes, you do".  The lightbulb went off (sometimes it really is that simple) - I wanted to get rid of visa restrictions and start my own brand back home in Canada.  The timing had never been better for me.

So that's exactly what I did.  I left Australia, stopped over in Thailand, spent Christmas with my family, then came straight to Montreal.  Since then, I've been constantly cutting, stitching, taking photos, learning Illustrator, learning Photoshop, sourcing material, designing, making this site, and setting the stage for what you're going to be able to expect from us going forward.  


Passion sees details equally,

Ambition sees vision clearly,

Motivation sees it through.