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Montréal, QC

Luxury hand stitched leather accessories.  Influenced by haut couture.  Inspired by streetwear.  Crafted in Montreal, Quebec Canada.


This page is the introduction of Lajoie. Where everything starts!
We're a high end streetwear accessories brand based out of Montreal!

All of our products are hand crafted and hand stitched locally, using some of the best leather in the world, from Chicago's own Horween. We take the entire creative process extremely seriously - sacred even, to ensure that all pieces are made to the highest of standards.

All of our products has a lifetime guarantee on the stitching of our products

Also dont be a stranger if you have any inqueries we make custom pieces. From walIets and bags to the limits of your imagination.  Inspired by life.  Influenced by Haute Couture.  Crafteded in Montreal, Quebec Canada.